Monitoring follow up

All work placements will have a job description and all the information referring to the implementation of the work placement is communicated by e-mail and telephone.

Monitoring and support will be given on a weekly basis by a tutor within each workplacement. The tutors of the host organisations and the students fill in an intermediate and a final questionnaire to analyse all the aspects related to the work placements (tasks, skills, etc.).


Tutoring and Follow up   

A supervisor from IDee takes care of the trainees during the whole training period. Each trainee will be provided with a host company tutor as well. In this way a constant control of the activities is guaranteed. Then, the host company tutor and the trainee fill in an evaluation questionnaire to analyse all aspects related to the work placement, in the middle and at the end of the training period.


Once they have successfully completed the language course and work placement, trainees will be certified by IDee


IDee will cooperate actively with the sending organisation in all procedures for issuing the Europass certificate and the final report.                                                                                                                                                              Idee prepares a final report which contains all the information regarding the trainee‘s stay in Spain.