Francesc Giné Badía


Francesc Giné i Badia “An example of an entrepreneur in Lleida in the 60s and a pioneer innovating education, teaching techniques and skills” Francesc Giné, “Sisco”, was a young man full of strength and energy, an observer of nature and lover of life, and everything you could learn from this. He studied engineering in Barcelona and when he returned back to his beloved Lleida he had the opportunity to enter into the world of education, teaching students to become engineers. Soon he was noted for his way of doing things differently in classes, he knew how to create a warm and friendly atmosphere when teaching, and that helped to facilitate all the objectives: algebra, trigonometry, calculus… Sometimes when students looked tired he cut the classes and told them stories about his travels to distant lands or personal experiences that finished with a life lesson for them.

He was a great teacher, a teacher who loved life and all the knowledge it contains, and knew how to transmit all his positive way of understanding knowledge to his students in a way that fascinated and helped their learning. He focused all his teaching towards skills because he saw them as a natural part of life and the reason why knowledge was so important. His classes were filled with students who wanted to learn maths and were slowly creating the Technical Academy, a symbol of Lleida in the 70s and that led to what was Les Heures school now called Ilerna. Francesc Giné had a long career in the world of education in our city; he held several management positions mainly in vocational and technical schools like IES Escola del Treball and IES Caparrella. He also was the vocational training coordinator in the Department of Education, where he helped to promote and provide prestige to vocational training studies in which he was a visionary and was able to see the importance they had in our society. Francesc Giné left us much sooner than we would have expected. At his death all places where he worked and made his mark had the upmost respect for the professionalism and expertise that he had had: “IES Escola del Treball expresses it condolences and wishes to emphasize the simplicity, kindness, optimism, generosity and tenacity that characterized him.”

He has been a model of person and teacher for all of us

“Francesc Gine’ knew how to provide a humanist view to teaching maths problems”

“We are many people who have learned a lot from this man with a brace of intelligence and generosity. Many of us use his techniques and what we learned from him. To be one of his students was a privilege”

And his students remember an often repeated phrase:

“Doing a maths exercise is a game, it’s fun and challenging and through the practice you always win. And by playing, we learned to make matrixes, logarithms, equations and everything.”