Work-Based Training in Lleida: We have focused our efforts on working with projects that are funded through the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Programme, but also work within other spheres. We design individual and group work experience programmes to meet your precise needs and career objectives. We guarantee to accurately match applicants with meaningful work placements and provide a very high level of personal support throughout their programme.

We has a large experience in organising work placements under Erasmus+ Programme. We take responsibility for the monitoring, control and reporting aspects of the placement elements of your programme, ensuring that participants get the overall experience you and they demand. We have contacts with many sectors like the IT industry, Photography, Agriculture, Administration, Web design, Media, Audiovisuals, Logistics and we treat each student as an individual, looking carefully its CV and advising which could be the best option for its training. At IDEE we are experienced in organising unpaid work placements and unpaid internships in Lleida in the vocation of your choice. We work with many professional companies in order to provide quality work placements.

We also organises other services such as Language courses, accommodation, transfer, monitoring, certification…

 Why Lleida?



People and society: friendship people, music, museums, theatre, cinema, wine routes, a huge gastronomic festival (“Aplec del Cargol”)…

The city: medium size town with an interesting sites to visit. Lleida has very good connections with the most important towns in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Zaragoza) and with many tourist attractions (beaches, mountains, theme parks…).


Environment: Urban forest park (“La Mitjana“) in the middle of city, monuments, green spaces, former salt mines near, Montsec astronomical park (with one of the best planetariums in the world), University of Lleida (UDL is a very prestigious University).


Life: Cuisine, restoration, shopping, nightlife, tourism in Lleida.


Accommodation: We can help the students, teachers and schools to look for the most suitable accommodation Hotels, Hostel or apartments (around 450-600€ a month). It is cheap to stay in Lleida. If your internship programme is linked to the University of Lleida, then you will be eligible to apply for the University Residences accommodation.

Climate: The good weather enjoyed in Lleida in autumn and spring invites visitors to walk around the city and its streets, brimming with tradition and culture.